Stuff You Need to Know About House Cleaning Services

In this busy world, many people utilize the services of having their homes cleaned by home cleaning or maid services. They come in and clean their client’s home and leave them sparkling clean so the people who live there do not have to. With people working a lot of hours and not having the time or the energy to clean their home, do window cleaning mesa az and maid services are becoming more and popular and widely used. If you are considering hiring a house cleaning or maid service, it is important to know what they do.

House cleaning

If you employ a house cleaning or maid service, they are responsible for cleaning houses. They vacuum floors, wash dishes and put them away, sweep floors, do laundry and put it away, clean and scrub counters, and dust surfaces. Some of other responsibilities include: cleaning houses with an assortment of chemicals, disinfectants, and machines, clean toilets, change bedsheets, and scrub stains, mold, and mildew off of surfaces.

They also take out the trash, throw out expired food in fridges, clean up after animals, clean upholstered furniture and drapes, polish silver, and wipe down appliances. Other tasks they do are: stock the kitchen with groceries and condiments, wash baseboards, walls, and ceilings, sweep driveways and walkways, disinfect equipment and supplies, do window cleaning, turn mattresses, plump pillows, and change cushions, and put new flowers in flower vases. Also, prior to hiring a home cleaning service or a maid service, it is important to know how they do what they do like cleaning tile floors.

There is a process to cleaning tile floors. The first thing they do when cleaning tile floors is to clear the surface of debris and dirt and sweep it. Then they vacuum the baseboards and tile. One method that housecleaning services are to use vinegar and water to clean tiles. They combine equal parts of very hot water and vinegar and fill another bucket with water to rinse the floor. Then they wring out the mop as much as possible and mop the floor from side to side and then up and down to get in between the grout.

House cleaning If a large area is being cleaned, they empty and refill the mop bucket.The last step is to rinse the floor with the clean water and then wring out the mop as much as possible and wait until it is totally dry before walking on it. House cleaning and maid services also steam clean carpets.

When housecleaning and maid services steam clean carpets, they use a vacuum cleaner, carpet pretreatment spray, a steam cleaner machine, and carpet cleaning solution. Then they move the furniture out of the room that is being cleaned and vacuum the carpet to get rid of dirt, debris, and pet hair that is on the surface of the carpet. The next step is to apply a pretreatment spray on very dirty or places with stains on them in the carpet and leave the spray on for a few minutes. The water tank from the steam cleaner needs to be removed and filled with warm water from a faucet. Then the formula tank from the machine needs to be taken out and filled with the amount of carpet cleaning solution that the instruction manual advises. Then they plug in the steam cleaner.